Making a compensation claim for head injury is very different from making a claim for other types of personal injury.  Head injuries can be complex and it is vital that you instruct a solicitor who has the expertise to handle these claims.

Coping with the aftermath of a serious head injury can be an extremely difficult time for all the family and therefore your solicitor should be compassionate, sympathetic and professional at all times.

Types of Head Injury Claims:

1.4 million people attend hospital each year in the UK suffering from a head injury.  Around 80% of head injuries are categorised as mild and the recovery time is fairly quick, however, this may result in significant impact on the injured person’s life.  Head injuries are varied, but some of the more common injuries include:


A concussion is classified as a mild traumatic brain injury but can cause both short and long-term problems.  A concussion is one of the most common forms of head injuries and many people will experience this within their lifetime.

If you have suffered from a concussion and are seeking assistance on making a claim, click here to find out more information on how we can help you claim the compensation you deserve, as well as help fund support and treatment.

Minor head injury

In most cases, minor head injuries do not result in permanent damage and generally people will make a full recovery relatively quickly.  The majority of people will be back to normal 3-4 months after the accident.  However, different people recover in different ways and some people may not recover as well or as quickly as expected.

The most common causes of head injuries are people falling and banging their head, violent attacks and assaults, sporting accidents or being involved in a road traffic accident.

The expectation is that people will make a quick recovery, but a small but significant proportion do not and have continuing symptoms.  To those, a mild head injury can be anything but a mild experience.

In our experience, people who continue to suffer ongoing symptoms after being advised they have a mild head injury can have difficulty in accessing the correct treatment and support.  We can help you access the specialist medical advice and support that you and your family need.

Diagnosing minor head injuries

We understand that CT scans are not a reliable test of whether or not a person has suffered a brain injury.  If you have a clear scan but have not recovered quickly then we would recommend that you seek specialist advice.

If you have been involved in an accident which has resulted in a head injury, you should speak to a reputable solicitor with specialist expertise in this area.

What can compensation help fund?

The compensation claims process can help fund the costs and expenses incurred as a result of a head injury, including:

  • Funding for ongoing care, support and rehabilitation
  • Private treatment and physiotherapy
  • Occupational therapy and specialist equipment
  • Adaptations to your car or home
  • Loss of earnings and wages

How much compensation can I claim for a head injury?

Head injury compensation claims can vary quite drastically based on the severity of the injuries you have sustained.  For instance, some cases are settled for millions of pounds, which provides for lifelong care and support, both for the injured person and their family.

How to claim compensation for a head injury

If you, or a loved one, have suffered a head injury and you are seeking compensation, the first step is to speak to a specialist solicitor.

At CFG Law, we offer a FREE no obligation help and advice service.  We will explain the legal aspect and benefits of pursuing a claim and the chance of success.

We understand the needs of the injured person and their family. Our aim is to provide full support every step of the way and make the process stress free.

Our approach

Our focus from day one is to provide the necessary support and rehabilitation to help our clients recover from their serious head injury.  Our aim for each client is to help rebuild their lives, with the aid of early access to funding, guidance and first-rate legal advice.  With this, we can establish with our clients and their families, their immediate needs and goals; which we will continually revisit based on changing circumstances and priority changes.

We look to use the compensation claims process to gain access to early funding, helping our clients achieve a quick and complete recovery from their head injury.  In the meantime, our Client Support Managers help to provide limited funding to assist where needed.

Our legal expertise

We are a team of over 70 specialist lawyers and support colleagues with clients spread throughout England and Wales and beyond.  We work closely with many charities and professionals that support families and survivors of serious injury.  Our memberships and accreditations are shown below:

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